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ISH & FISH – Brightfield & Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Enumeration

Molecular biomarkers can be time-consuming to quantify manually. Aperio Image Analysis offers solutions for automated detection and counting of target signals, with options for brightfield and fluorescence. Algorithms are flexible enough to handle single-plex or multiplex analysis, and can be easily optimized to meet a variety of end-user requirements. Measure RNA or DNA biomarker expression at the tissue, cellular, or subcellular level.

Aperio RUO (Research Use Only) Image Analysis Algorithms have been validated by Leica Biosystems for use with .svs images from Aperio AT2, Aperio CS2, and Aperio VERSA scanners. Use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with other available scanners has not been validated, and Leica Biosystems cannot train or support customers in use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with images from these scanners.


Aperio RNA ISH Algorithm

Accurately count single- or dual-plex RNA ISH signals or clusters in brightfield tissue, and identify subcellular location of molecular targets.

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Aperio FISH Brk/Fus Algorithm

Detect and enumerate FISH break-apart and fusion events involving up to 7 fluorescence target signals.

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Aperio FISH Amp/Del Algorithm

Automatically quantify amplification or deletion of target DNA sequences in fluorescently-labeled tissue.

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Aperio VERSA

Brightfield, Fluorescence & FISH Digital Pathology Scanner

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